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Welcome to Matlock Preparatory

Matlock Preparatory (MP) is a West Palm Beach Private High School for gifted and creative students located in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida. MP believes in the advantages of challenging and nurturing students, which we feel prepares the foundation for lifelong learning. Fundamental in our teaching is the development of independent thought. Encouraging thinking, imagination and creativity optimizes talent. Bright students need to have enrichment in every part of their high school. We achieve this through Advanced Placement, Honors, and challenging course work.

Our West Palm Beach Private School has an enriched college prep curriculum that is infused with classical and contemporary works that emphasizes the importance of the English language.  The mastery and beauty of the language is transmitted through reading, speaking, listening and writing. We strongly believe it is important to teach and transmit mathematics, with it's many uses, so that students may be confident in employing it and moving forward with the assurance that this knowledge is at their fingertips.  Our Mathematics and Science courses are taught in a way that ensures student mastery of each subject.  Matlock Academy teachers bring creativity back to the learning process in a way that allows students the comfort of searching for answers and solutions to academic problems.  Matlock Academy has Rolling Admissions, which means we can accept students throughout the School Year. Please call or email for more information about enrollment opportunities. 

Our High School environment relies on a respect for the student's and staff's abilities. This unique approach separates us from many other West Palm Beach Private High Schools. It is easier for students to find their voices when they are readily accepted into their peer group. The identity of the student is strengthened through this process. Families are the primary source of love, ethical standards, manners, study, self-discipline, and honesty. It is the school's responsibility to work with our families to bring out these qualities in our students.

Headmaster Randy Konsker was recently interviewed on a local TV News Program

A substantial intelligence is as valuable as a good heart. We seek to develop both. True self-confidence reflects both; because a student that feels good about themselves and their intellectual development, will posses a confidence about their future.

Matlock Academy offers summer school for local students in Palm Beach County area. Visit our summer school page for more information. Summer School runs from July through August of every year. Read our press release about our summer school.

For those seeking it, Matlock Academy also offers a challenging homeschool and homeschooling curriculum.  Please go to our homeschool page for more information.

International high school students can apply to Matlock Academy's International Program as well.   Matlock Preparatory Academy is a SEVIS approved West Palm Beach Private High School. If you are an international student or you would like to read more about International Student admissions, please visit our international student page.

Read about one of our students who is excelling both in her academics at Matlock and in her career, click here.

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