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    At Matlock Academy, we value all of our students. We would like to praise Madisyn Ritland, a 17 year old, up and coming supermodel and straight A student. Here is an article published by Boca Life magazine in March 2010.

    Meet Madisyn Lynn Ritland, the 17 year old, up-and-coming supermodel and straight A student at the Matlock Precollegiate Academy in West Palm Beach.

   “Madi” spent the month of June 2010, in Milan, Italy for the Milan Fashion Week Show as a model for the unveiling of Francesco Scognamiglio’s 2007 Ready to Wear Collection.  Working along with many famous models such as Alison Nix and Bianca Balti, Madi lived her dream to walk the runway in designer outfits.

    In the audience of the fashion show was Italian Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief among other influential people in Milan’s fashion industry.

    Looking back at her experience, Madi remembers that at the fittings, Francesco and partners were designing and changing the clothes as they were pinned to the model’s bodies.  “It as such a cool feeling to be part of the creation, just to watch.  A seamstress was there and the scissors were used just as much as the Polaroid camera.  We got to watch the collection’s final touches and even new pieces take shape,” she remarked.

   While in Milan, Madi also did a runway show for Lancôme as part of a contest for the make-up artist, getting to keep much of the make-up was an added bonus.  A spread for Italian “Marie Claire” ad campaigns for Gilli and Q-OD jeans was included in her assignments during the month.

   Of course all work and no play is not any fun, so Madi, along with her new friends (and roommates) from Holland, Lithuania, Romania, and America went out on the town and enjoyed Art Gallery openings and fashion parties for John Richmond and Versace.

   Although gaining independence and maturity by living in a “models” apartment in Italy without her parents for the first time, Madi says she “went because this is part of my dream.  I love being in new situations and traveling.  It’s really stressful but it’s worth it being away from home for the time because I got to experience the culture and stretch my wings of independence.”

   When Madi returned home, she attended a Summer Theatrical Collaboration course in New York at Columbia University.  She is currently back at Matlock Prep finishing her senior year and preparing college applications.

   This is just the beginning for Madi.  The bright, beautiful and down-to-earth model exclaims, “I was just booked for Abercrombie Kids! I am sooo excited.  It seems unreal, like what?  Who, me?  No way!!”




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