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Matlock Preparatory (MP) believes in the advantages of concurrently challenging and nurturing students. Matlock Preparatory prepares a student with a foundation for lifelong learning. Fundamental in our teaching is the development of independent thinking. It is essential for students to be exposed to a wealth of knowledge and experiences in both their High School curriculum and in the world that they live.  Encouraging imagination and creativity optimizes a student's talents. This is a trait quite unique to our approach to learning compared to other West Palm Beach private schools and public schools.

MP has a high regard for the importance of English; where an enriched college prep curriculum is fused with classical and contemporary works. The mastery and beauty of the language is transmitted through reading, speaking, listening and writing. Math, with its myriad uses and importance, is taught and translated so students may be confident in employing it. Students can then move forward with the assurance of this knowledge at their fingertips.

Students and staff are respected for their unique abilities. Students can find their "voices" more readily when they are accepted into the group as appreciated members. The identity of the student is strengthened through this process.

The staff and faculty at Matlock Precollegiate firmly believe, through time and experience, that families are the primary source of love, ethical standards, manners, study, self-discipline, and honesty. We endeavor to work with our families to bring out these qualities in our students.

A strong intelligence is as valuable as a good heart. We seek to develop both to reflect true self-confidence. This development results in students feeling good about themselves, their intellectual development, and having confidence about their future.

Matlock Preparatory Academy is a West Palm Beach Private High School that has served Palm Beach County for over 30 years.  From day one, Ms. Daphne Grad has ensured that the school will always provide small class sizes and individualized attention towards a student's educational process.  As a result, Ms. Grad's students have walked across the graduation stages at some of the most prestigious Colleges and Universities in the Country. 

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