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After School Tutoring

Tutoring is available to both MP students and other Palm Beach County High School students on a daily basis after school. Tutoring is offered locally in West Palm Beach, Florida. MP tutoring can help prepare students for the College Board Tests, making up a credit, or academic enrichment. Nearly all High School courses are available including tutoring in Math and English.

The same day program admissions criteria applies to after school tutoring.
We offer coaching for test taking, FCAT and motivation. Stress Reduction and management are available through our unique programs specifically targeted for teenagers.

Benefits of Using A Tutor:

  • Increases mastery of academic skills
  • Improves self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improves students' attitudes toward school: reduces dropout rates, truancies, and tardies
  • Provides emotional support and positive role models

When To Seek A Tutor:

  • When you need to learn time management and study skills at the beginning of the term
  • When you need help understanding the homework
  • When the instructor's office hours are booked
  • When you need help understanding concepts and ideas
  • When you need help to prepare for a test When you are falling behind

Good Attitudes Toward Tutoring:

Try your best to understand the material before coming to tutoring. Be an active student in class. Ask questions, participate in class, etc. Many questions can be asked right there and then to the instructor. Read your syllabus. Understand what's expected of you in each class, and make sure you find and remember deadlines and other special dates. Get your tutor ahead of time. Your instructor is almost always your best resource. Try asking your instructor first, as soon as a question occurs to you. Bring those responses to the tutor in case you didn't quite understand. Form and maintain a study group.

Call 561-687-0327 for more information

We offer Academic and Personal Coaching.

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