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College Prep Curriculum


Matlock Preparatory in West Palm Beach, FL offers an enriched College Preparatory curriculum focusing on English Language, Social Studies, Science, Math, and Foreign Language.We offer one of the most comprehensive curriculums compared to any other West Palm Beach private schools.

  • Language

MP offers an English program which emphasizes literature in both contemporary and classic form. These two forms combined keep students' interest at a high level, thereby elevating them to achievements of which they are capable. Encouragement is given to students to participate with their reading on several levels, including language and thought. Our staff is well informed in this core, with the end result being that kids are "turned on to reading", despite the progressive decline of this activity in their peer group. Students study grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and writing. Writing consists of analytical, creative research, poetry, journals, and letters. Often the writing is in response to their reading or theme related activities. Students are allowed and encouraged to explore their creativity in individual English classes. Some are happy to read and take additional literature courses and independent study. Others are eager writers who excel in this medium. Encouragement is given with special seminars and introduction to various authors and their styles.

  • Social Studies

Our social studies focus on U.S. History, Civics, and World History. Students need to have a firm base regarding their country, including the pros and cons of the society they live in currently, the past history of that society and the potential future for themselves, their families, and their social interaction. Additionally, world geography and history round out a student's knowledge requirement for the High School curriculum. Seniors must take a full year of economics, which they learn through experiential lessons for relevancy. The Social Studies core represents an excellent opportunity for students to study as well as question the world around them, the global village, and their immediate community. 

  • Science

Science strengthens skills people use everyday, solving problems creatively, thinking critically and working cooperatively in teams. Students must take earth/space science, biology, and ecology, marine or environmental science. Beyond the requirements, chemistry and physics may be taken, particularly if they intend on entering a field in which the sciences play a major role. Students are encouraged to become aware of the world in scientific ways through current events, videos, and the Internet. MP is meeting the demands of future employers by preparing students who are well versed in these content areas required by the state.

  • Math

At Matlock Academy, Math is recognized as a difficult subject for many students, while others excel at it. Math requires a memorization of massive amounts of information, the organization of data in complex ways and the ability to think abstractly. The curriculum is structured so that students learn at their own pace, thereby assuring real comprehension and success. The Math program emphasizes basic skills as well as critical skills. Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre- Calculus/Trigonometry, and Calculus can be taken through senior year. New material is explained to each student individually and progress is self paced. Some relevant courses are offered through the latest technology available in the MPA Computer Lab. Our Math programs are unique in that they emphasize learning, as opposed to memorizing; like so many other West Palm Beach private schoolsdo.

  • Foreign Language & Electives

A minimum of two consecutive years of foreign language must be taken for graduation, as well as electives in the arts and physical education.  MP offers varied electives such as computer, stress reduction, water sports, 20th century culture, SAT Prep, Yoga and Wellness.  Foreign Languages can include Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese.  These are among the outstanding programs students can choose from in order to fulfill the elective requirements for the Florida High School diploma.

  • Teaching about the Holocaust

In 1994, the state of Florida required all school districts to teach the history of the Holocaust in a manner that leads to understanding the ramifications of prejudice and encourages tolerance. Florida is one of six states to require Holocaust education. The School District of Palm Beach County, composed of more than 200 schools, now serves as a model for other districts across the country looking to implement similar programs. All West Palm Beach private high schools are required to teach such an important subject.

Also in 1994, Daphne Grad was invited to attend the Facing History, Facing Ourselves Fellowship conference in Boston. The organization teaches an approach to the Holocaust which promotes understanding and respect among all religions and culture starting with one person at a time. This is aligned with the teachings of Matlock Academy of placing a lot of importance on each individual student. Ms. Grad teaches the Holocaust curriculum at Matlock to juniors and seniors.

MATLOCK PRECOLLEGIATE ACADEMY is accredited by the Private School Alliance

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