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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the hours at MP?
Class Hours:  8:45-2:15                                                                                        Study Hall and Homework Assistance from 2:15-3:15 Monday - Thursday                                                                      

How do I enroll at MP?
See the application and admissions process page.

Is lunch provided?
Students are urged to bring their lunch daily and can use the school kitchen which has Refrigerators and Microwaves.  Once or twice a week students are able to order in from an area restaurant. 

Are there uniforms?
Uniforms are not required at the school, but a dress code of appropriate attire is strictly enforced.

Is transportation provided?
MP does not provide transportation, but the parents frequently create car pools.

How much homework is given?
Quality homework and projects are assigned to ensure learning competencies.  However, we will never expect a student to learn a new subject or formula on their own as a homework assignment. The day's Math and Science lessons should be reviewed nightly to promote mastery. Creative writing assignments and readings tend to be given on a daily basis. 

What electives does MP offer?
Electives change every semester and range from academics to sports.

What happens during the Admissions interview?

The student and his/her parents share information with the Principal. A brief description of the school is given followed by Q and A from both parties. Future plans and college strategies are explored. Skills testing may be given to the student to determine exact grade level.

What is the college admission process at MP?
The college admission process begins on the first day of enrollment.  However, in 10th grade College planning comes in to greater focus. All requirements are followed to ensure acceptance into the colleges of choice. It is important to be realistic when choosing a college or university and match the social and academic needs between the institutions of higher learning and that of the student.

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