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All the subjects that are taught in the day program are taught in our home schooling program. Matlock offers a homeschool program in West Palm Beach, Florida. Students attend school three afternoons a week for several hours each time for specific instruction: one on one tutoring. Our homeschooling curriculum does include homework, which places emphasis on calling, faxing, or emailing questions to enable staff to respond on time. Parents are instructed not to get involved with the student's work and allow the school and the student to work it out.

This service has been available to students for over twenty years and those that are accepted into the program do very well. They are responsible, mindful, and well behaved. They dont have any of the arenas to fight in: they are free of classrooms, friends, and school schedule with which they can be oppositional. They have only themselves to account to and they do!

Assignments, tests, discussions, teaching abd grades are all in line with the day program. Same texts, videos and audios. A valid high school diploma is given upon the completion of 24 credits. The same outstanding and successful college admissions counseling is given by our experienced staff.

If a home schooler is 16 or above they must get a part time job or a part time volunteer job, unless they are ill. For more information or to answer your questions about our homeschooling program please call us at 561-368-8803 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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