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Matlock Academy Celebrates Its 25th Year Anniversary Of Summer School In West Palm Beach , Florida

Summer school enrollment underway at Matlock Academy.

For Immediate Release BOCA RATON , Fla./EWORLDWIRE/ --- During high school years, tough requirements, difficult tests and exams, and other stressors such as peer pressure and the need to fit in with other teenagers, place plenty of school stress and test anxiety on students. Families proactively seeking natural and safe ways to reduce stress discover Matlock Preparatory is unique because it offers teens a safe place where they can learn in a noncompetitive environment and learn how to reduce stress.

More than just a summer school, Matlock Preparatory is a pioneer in offering Summer School in all secondary level subjects. For a quarter of a century, the school environment has offered high school students a centrally located campus in West Palm Beach for attending the summer school program, with schedules conveniently arranged on an individual level. Students receive one on one tutoring, and if a class is available, it consists of no more than 5 students.

The earmarks of the program are individual attention, personalized learning plans and positive reinforcement - support needed to achieve goals and reach potential. Students are led through daily meditation, visualization and relaxation sessions to teach them coping skills in managing stress in their academic and personal lives.

While students in many schools are traditionally treated like a number - which may be a factor in the reasons of lack of academic success - students at Matlock respond very well to the smaller, more intimate environment.

In addition to the normal day program, students enrolled in the Matlock Summer School have earned credits, caught up in grades, accelerated, and experienced success. Although for some students, summer school is a necessity to graduate, for others it offers an opportunity to take more advanced courses, and often develops ability and confidence for life.

"It's important to teach teenagers at a young age about stress management so when they get older they will have the skills to deal with it," says Daphne Grad, Matlock's principal. Out of county students may attend Matlock Summer School.

Three options extend the different possibilities for students:

. A local program where students show up physically to the school in West Palm Beach

. A local homeschool program where students can learn from home

. A virtual home school program as well, which is available to any student in the state of Florida

The Home Schooling program uses a unique approach to learning and the progress made is comparable to that of the students attending the day school.

Why does Matlock Preparatory offer a customized learning program for the summer school? New students are tested in their skills levels so that if any learning gaps are found the right help can be offered. Matlock Preparatory is conveniently located in central West Palm Beach .

Matlock Preparatory's successful track record spans 25 years. The summer school program has provided for high school students a safe and beautiful campus where they experience private individualized attention from trained teachers. The staff focuses on motivating and supporting high schoolers, putting them on the path to excellence and post-secondary education. Other high schools can use Matlock as a model of teaching excellence and positive mentoring.

Daphne Grad has been interviewed by the media several times including Palm Beach Post, News 14 Charlotte Carolina,, and Smart Women nationally syndicated TV show. For more information, contact Daphne at (561) 687-0327 or e-mail Visit Matlock Prep Academy online at




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