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The Matlock Preparatory teachers have earned a minimum four-year college degree, and 95% of the instructors have earned a Master's Degree.  All instructors are fluent in their content area, and continue with professional development and continuing education coursework. Our teachers are fully qualified and certified to teach in West Palm Beach Private Schools and come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.The staff is trained in the teaching and learning philosophies of Matlock Academy, which believes that our students possess aptitude, and our job is to give them the skills with which to use their abilities. Further supporting the teacher is the concern for the adminstration's time and focus.  It is our motivation that paperwork is kept to a minimum, thus freeing each teacher to have more attention and involvement with individual students. Matlock Academy staff looks for rewards in the glow of achievement on the faces of their students.

The impact of Matlock Academy instructors on students goes beyond just teaching specific subject matter. These amazing individuals instill and promote academic values and ethics in a mentoring and motivating way.  Our instructors are incredibly dedicated to each student's growth and success.  As positive role models, these are the people you truly want in your child's life during the transformation towards young adult hood and College life. 

The MPA vision trains the staff to inspire its students and reminds them that teaching impacts not only their students but also humanity as a whole. We strongly believe this philosophy separates us from other West Palm Beach Private High Schools.

Headmaster Randy Konsker was recently interviewed on a local TV News Program. Click the link to watch this dynamic educator's philosphies and passions.

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