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Matlock is an approved SEVIS high school in West Palm Beach, Florida. SEVIS was established as part of ICE's (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) objective to restore integrity to the immigration system. By more effectively managing status information on international students and exchange visitors in the United States, SEVIS plays a key role in ICE’s homeland security mission while ensuring that all eligible international students and exchange visitors can experience the benefits of America’s exceptional schools, educational programs, and cultural opportunities.

Matlock Academy is approved by SEVIS (The Student and Exchange Visitor Program) to accept and enroll International Students to its high school program. Upon successful review of an applicant’s admission packet, Matlock Academy provides an I-20 to the student. An I-20 is the document required to apply to the US Consulate in your home country for an F-1 Student Visa.

Matlock Academy focusses on the individual needs of the International Student. Whether you are from China or South America we work hard to ensure your mastery of the English language. Every core instructor works with each student to ensure that their competencies are being met, so that entrance to an American University is well within their grasp. Our International students have consistently scored above the State and National averages on SAT and ACT examinations. 

Matlock Academy’s multicultural community of self-directed learners engages each other with the instructors as mentors to instil the philosophy that life-long learning occurs both inside the classroom and out.  Student exposure to the many different cultures that make up the population of Matlock challenges each student in both the intellectual and personal realms. 

Matlock Academy’s values fosters public service and international exchange so that creativity, curiosity, open mindedness, love of learning and global citizenry becomes a core component of a student’s growth.  Upon graduation, it is our goal that a student’s values and global standards have been refined to meet the sensitivities and differences of the many different cultures that make up the larger world.   


For more information regarding applying to Matlock, call us at 561-687-0327 or email us

You can also go to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement website to read more about SEVIS.




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