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Summer School

Dates of summer school : June 20-August 10

Matlock Preparatory summer school is conveniently located in central West Palm Beach. Matlock is more than just a summer school. It provides individual attention, personalized learning plans and positive reinforcement needed to achieve goals and reach potential. Open to students from other schools with permission from the school.

Why does Matlock Preparatory offer a customized learning program for the summer school? New students are tested in their skills levels so that if any learning gaps are found the right help can be offered.

Matlock Preparatory is a pioneer in offering summer school in all secondary level subjects. All high school subjects are offered with the exception of language, chemistry or physics. For a quarter of a century, Matlock has been offering high school students a centrally located campus for attending the summer school program. Schedules are conveniently arranged on an individual level and students receive one on one tutoring. If a class is available, it consists of no more than 5 students.

We also tutor students that are taking FLVS courses this summer, we have a Full SAT/ACT Prep program available, and we also have College Placement Services available for students attending any Public School, Private School or are being Homeschooled. Tutors are available at the school or at your home.

If a student wishes to take a subject not listed, the Academy will do its best to provide instruction for that request.

In addition to the normal day program, Matlock offers a Home Schooling component, with the same traditional tutoring based on the students' needs and abilities.

Tuition is by credit.

Registration : $400.00

Call 561-687-0327 or email for more information



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